CSR Policy





 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


Bangkok Dec-Con Company Limited we are holding to control business by specify way for operate clearly make management and employee can holding to perform. Our management assigned committee for control all company general operation which under good governance by morality, reveal and can check also responsible to social and environment.
We are clearly decided company policy which have 4 sides to continuing develop for the future:
• Social & Environment Responsibility
• Customer, Share holder
• Organization
• Employee

For Social & Environment Responsibility, we operating 4 topics: Education Development, Social and environment, Religion care and Employee participation. Our committee, management team and employee emphasize to co-operate all of activities and have social responsibility also foster conscious our employee to help and support society both of inside and outside the company.
The objective of each topic as below:

Education Development
We need to improve children education by support and help student, teacher in school who miss a chance to have high quality of life. Example: building school, support computer room& library, give a scholarship, support education& sport tools.

Social & Environment
We have main mission to development latency by improve knowledge and make business strong to grow up including participate to protect environment.

Religion Care
Foster morals in staff mind which equally in every religion. Take care in each side of religion by support monk and community to have a good life quality and community can get highest benefit.

Employee Participate
Continuing take care society both of inside and outside the company. For employee side, we strict to develop and training for make highest efficiency. Manage welfare and privilege properly. Organize sports & recreation activities also Inherit Thai cultures. Management and employee participate to develop outside social and environment.

For concrete successful, we engrossed to develop for the future all of 4 sides to make CSR activities continually and connection by must to have:
1. Continuing activities
2. Connecting each projects or activities
3. Employee Participation
4. Create CSR alliance network